The Challenge

The low standard of education in Africa represents a considerable barrier to success, which requires a radical change in approach.

According to the Top Global University rankings in 2018, the top three universities on the African continent were the University of Cape Town, Stellenbosch University and University of Witwatersrand. All are located in South Africa and were ranked 191st, 361st and 364th positions respectively, out of a total of 1250 tertiary institutions examined.

Harvard University, which was ranked 1st had 100 aggregate score, compared to the University of Cape Town which received a score of just 66.6. On The World University ranking list for 2018, out of the 198 universities ranked, none were from Africa.

The challenge, in essence, is to not only to provide the educational infrastructure to ensure that African graduates have all the skills needed to succeed in the modern business world, but also to provide the necessary career opportunities to ensure these acquired skills do not go to waste.


2Critical thinking and autonomy

3Language and communication

4Confidence and voice


5Ethical awareness and citizenship