African Education System

If you are an African student currently studying for a degree, there’s a chance that you have your career path planned out and guaranteed employment waiting for you when you graduate. If this describes you, then you can count yourself lucky, as for the majority of students in what is known to be a failing African education system, the future is not so certain.

The reason for this is the major disconnect between what is being taught in schools and universities across Africa and what is needed in global business. You may very well pass your degree with flying colours, but your academia counts for nothing if the skills you’ve gained during your schooling aren’t applicable in the real world that exists beyond graduation.

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Business Connections

At COLLETT, we partner with organisations around the world to ensure that tailored training exists to prepare you for the worlds of business and entrepreneurism. With coaching, mentoring and business guidance all accessible, you gain the specific education you need to prepare for success in your field or industry of choice.

The targeted training you receive is compiled with the help of businesses in your sector who are looking for the people like you, with the skills they are so desperately short of. Talk to COLLETT now to get your professional and business ambitions on track.