The primary role of COLLETT is three-fold, with a focus on training students in all relevant hard and soft skills needed in the new skills economy, coaching and mentoring and ultimately placing them in permanent jobs.


A significant element of COLLETT training involves soft skills, which include elements

like communication, social intelligence and people skills are predicted to account for two thirds of all jobs by 2030, so preparing the next generation of talented young Africans for the challenges they’ll face, is of paramount importance.

Coaching and Mentoring

For African graduates to fulfill their potential, coaching and mentoring plays a hugely important role in their development. COLLETT helps to connect students with experienced business people who help mentor young Africans in to the business leaders of tomorrow. Ongoing coaching and is also key to progression, allowing areas of both business strengths and weaknesses to be identified and worked on.

Job Placement

A major long standing issue for young African graduates has been one of low employment rates, with a significant number finishing higher education and not finding work. COLLETT works to ensure that not only that are African students given the tools they need to succeed in this new economy, but also that sufficient employment opportunities are open to them.