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Changing the
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COLLETT, a Switzerland-based charity organisation, focuses on the approaches to learning that produce people with the critical-thinking, leadership, collaboration and problem-solving skills needed by modern professionals.

Vision Our vision is to increase the employability and value creation of Africans in Africa.

Mission Our mission is to train and retrain young adults to acquire the professional skills necessary for gainful employment in Africa.

Standard and marketable education is still a challenge in Africa today. Without addressing the inherent issues of the current education system, achieving the UN’s 2030 vision for education, development and poverty eradication is going to be impossible.

Knowledge Areas

Knowledge Areas

COLLETT knowledge acquisition is a sustainable development program aimed at stimulating quality skills acquisition needed by African youths, allowing them to become more employable. It also enables them to work with employers to place them in their first job or to start and run a successful business. The COLLETT program stimulates thinking, skills and experience acquisition, attitudinal change, breed motivation and self-awareness.

COLLETT is working with employers in local markets to understand exactly where the skills gaps lie, to develop requisite curriculum training and to mentor youths, specifically young graduates.
Students are also paired with corporate organisations in order to satisfy three important requirements:

1Goal 1│No Poverty

2Goal 2│Zero Hunger

3Goal 4│Quality Education

4Goal 8│Decent Work and Economic Growth

5Goal 10│Reduced Inequalities