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Employable Leaders

Higher education is widely acknowledged to have a significant and positive role to play in a country’s economic development. It is central to a nation’s ability to innovate and a growing, knowledgeable economy is achieved through the education of highly skilled workers.

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United Nations Sustainable Goals

How our work is supporting the sustainable Development growth 2030!

COLLETT Team is supporting the efforts of both the UN SDG 2030 and the African Union Agenda 2063 in everything it does.

Our focus is on quality, applicable and fulfilling skills acquisition training. The work we do is perfectly positioned to tackle a number of ongoing social challenges, including unemployment, inequality, gender issues, idleness and poverty.

Partnership, a critical element of the UN SDG, is warmly welcomed. We work with all types of organisations and people, irrespective of culture, affinity or nationality.

We constantly strive to connect skilled job seekers with employers and to contribute to the socio-economic development of all stakeholders.

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We partner with companies to better understand their skill and knowledge requirements.

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We identify, train, mentor and coach our future leaders, helping them to reach their full potential through ongoing evaluation and support.

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Our donors positively influence delivery of our mandates, thanks to the financial and material support they provide.

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Based on interest and skills, volunteers support as trainers, influncers, coach and mentors is welcomed.

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